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Wind Monitoring Station with Analog Outputs

WMS-20 Series

1 year warranty RoHS
Wind Monitoring Station with Analog Outputs
WMS-20 Series : Wind Monitoring Station with Analog Outputs

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EUR 555,00  WMS-23S
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The WMS-20 series consist of three individual wind monitor stations. The WMS-21 is a microprocessor based wind alarm station. It sounds an alarm buzzer and controls the operation of two electrical circuits whenever wind speed reaches either of two independent setpoints. An LCD display provides a readout of the measured wind speed and is also used to set the value of the setpoints. Self-contained relays for each alarm point can be used to actuate external devices such as air samplers or sirens.

The WMS-22 series monitors wind speed and direction. Each parameter is converted into a 4 to 20mA signal for use by process controllers or monitoring systems. Two versions are offered, WMS-22A measures wind speed only, while the WMS-22B measures both wind speed and direction.

To Order (Specify Model Number)    
     Part Number     Availability   Price   Description   RoHS   Qty   
 WMS-23S   1 week   EUR 555,00    Wind speed 4 to 20 mA output RoHS compliancy undetermined  
 WMS-21   1 week   EUR 605,00    Dual Setpoint Wind Station RoHS compliant  
 WMS-23   4 weeks   EUR 600,00    Wind speed/direction 4 to 20 mA outputs RoHS compliancy undetermined  
Units Supplied with sensor cable and operator’s manual.

Ordering Example:
(1) WMS-23S Wind speed station with 4 to 20 mA output @ EUR 555,00 =
(1 x 555,00) = EUR 555,00

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