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Omega's Most Popular Hand Held Infrared Thermometers
A selection of our best selling hand held infrared thermometers for accurate non-contact surface temperature measurements.

Infrared Thermometer gun with laser target
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OS562 OS562
Discontinued - 
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OS423-LS Series OS423-LS Series
Low-Cost Professional Infrared Thermometer with 30:1 Field of View
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OSXL-EX Series OSXL-EX Series
FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera with WIFI
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OS530E Series OS530E Series
OMEGASCOPE™ High Quality Handheld Infrared Thermometer Series. Analogue and RS232 Outputs Available on Some Models
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OS523E and OS524E Series OS523E and OS524E Series
High Temperature IR Thermometer gun Temperature Ranges to 2482°C
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