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IEEE-488 Interface Board Board and Software for ISA Bus
Discontinued Product


IEEE-488 Interface Board Board and Software for ISA Bus
Discontinued Product  | OMB-PER-488

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1 year warranty
  • PC and AT Compatible, with 8-Bit Slot
  • 330 kbyte/sec Data Transfer Rate
  • Full IEEE-488.2 Support
  • Includes DOS and Windows Drivers
  • Easily Programmable via Familiar HP-Style Commands
  • Compatible with Popular Graphics and Analysis Software


The OMB-PER-488 is no longer available. Please consult our data acquisition department for a posible substitute.

The OMB-PER-488 board for IBM PC and compatibles converts a PC or a PC/AT into an IEEE.2-compliant controller. The OMB-PER-488 includes a half-size interface board with DOS and/ or Windows driver software. The software drivers included with each board are fully and independently documented, ensuring easy start-up and usability.

For complete product specifications see the Related Links section at the bottom of this page.
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IEEE-488.2 PC interface with DOS and Windows 3.1 drivers
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IEEE cable, 6 ft
All amounts shown in EUR
Note: Each board supplied with Driver software and complete operator's manual

Product Manuals:

Download OMB-PER/488 operator's manual (Windows 95/98/NT)
Download OMB-PER/488 operator's manual (DOS/Windows 3.1)
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