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Gauge Calibrator
Deadweight Tester | DWT1327D

Gauge Calibrator Deadweight Tester

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1 year warranty
  • Portable - Weighs Less than 40 lb
  • ¼% Accuracy When Used with OMEGA™ Test Dial Gauges
  • Two-Stage Hydraulic Pump for Easy Use
  • Vernier Screw Adjustment
  • Rugged Metal Case Holds Up to 4 Dial Gauges
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A compact, lightweight, portable pressure standard with 0.25% accuracy gauges, the DWT1327D Test Set is ideally suited to field testing or remote in-plant applications. The test set consists of a two-stage hydraulic pump and a manifold which is pressurized during operation. An integral part of the pump is a new shuttle valve feature that can increase the speed of pressure build-up or reduce the effort necessary to operate the pump handle. One connection to the manifold is for a 4½" PGT-45L solid front test gauge (0.25% gauge span accuracy); the other connection accommodates most standard size dial gauges.

Accuracy: 0.25% of Gauge Span
Operating Pressure: 0 to 10,000 psi (0 to 70,000 kPa) max
Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
Operating Fluid: SAE 20 Automotive or Machine Oil
O-Ring: Standard-Buna N
Reservoir Volume: Approximately 1.5 Pints (0.7 liter)

Type and Size: PGT45L 4½" Test Gauges
Accuracy: 0.25% of Gauge Span
Bourdon Tube Materials: Monel
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Portable dial gauge calibrator kit, 4½'' test gauges sold separately below
4½'' Dial 0.25% Test Gauges
Availability: 5 weeks
0-100 psig, ¼% accuracy, 4½'' test gauge
Availability: 5 weeks
0-600 psig, ¼% accuracy, 4½'' test gauge
Availability: 5 weeks
0-1,000 psig, ¼% accuracy, 4½'' test gauge
All amounts shown in EUR
Note: Complete Test Set includes: two-stage hydraulic pump with base; three wrenches for gauge installation and removal, spare O-rings, all piping, fittings and 1 /4 and 1 /2 NPT adaptors, rugged metal carrying case that holds up to four test gauges, and complete operator’s manual
Ordering Example:  (1) PGT-45L-5000 0-5,000 psig, 1/4% accuracy, 4 1/2'' test gauge, €572.18
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