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24-Bit Multifunction USB Data Acquisition module for Temperature and Voltage Measurement

OMB-DAQ-2408 Series

24-Bit Multifunction USB Data Acquisition module | OMB-DAQ-2408 Series

24-Bit Multifunction USB Data Acquisition module

755,97 OMB-DAQ-2408

1 year warranty CE
  • USB data DAQ module with up to 16 Analog Inputs
  • Measures Thermocouples or Voltage
  • 24-Bit Resolution
  • Up to 1 kS/s Sampling
  • Two Counters
  • Supports Thermocouple Types J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N
  • Built-In Cold Junction Compensation and Open Thermocouple Detection
  • Eight Digital I/O
  • Up to 2 Analog Outputs
  • 500 Vdc Isolation Between Field Wiring and the USB Interface
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The USB data acquisition module of the OMB-DAQ-2408 Series are designed for highly-accurate voltage or temperature measurements. Each device features up to 16 single ended (SE)/8 differential (DIFF)
analog inputs. Each device includes 8 digital I/O and two counter inputs. The OMB-DAQ-2408-2AO
also features two analog outputs. Each device in the series offers 24-bit resolution for ultra-accurate voltage or thermocouple measurements.

Analog Input
Each device includes 16 SE/8 DIFF analog inputs which you can configure for voltage or thermocouple input on a per-channel basis. Eight software-selectable voltage input ranges are provided. You can configure these ranges on a per-channel basis from ±10V to ±0.078V. When measuring thermocouples, configure analog inputs in DIFF mode. All devices also include open thermocouple detection to identify improperly working thermocouples.

Sample Rate
OMB-DAQ-2408 modules can sample analog input channels at up to 1 kS/s.

Digital I/O
Eight digital I/O channels are included with each OMB-DAQ-2408
and you can read from or write to each individual bit.

Two 32-bit counters are included with OMB-DAQ-2408 modules. The TTL level inputs
are capable of read/write rates of up to 500 Hz and an input frequency of up to 1 MHz.

Analog Output
(OMB-DAQ-2408-2AO Only)

The OMB-DAQ-2408-2AO includes two 16-bit analog outputs. Each output has a ±10V range.
Both outputs can be updated at a rate of up to 500 S/s per channel; one output can be updated
at a rate of 1 kS/s.

The OMB-DAQ-2408 modules ship with an impressive array of software, including the new TracerDAQ®, a full-featured, out-of-the-box data logging, viewing, and analysis application. Driver support and detailed example programs are included for Universal Library programming libraries for Microsoft® Visual Studio® programming languages, and other languages, including DASYLab®, and ULx for NI LabVIEW® (comprehensive library of VIs and example programs compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit LabVIEW v8.5 through 2012) and InstaCalTM installation, calibration and test utility-powerful solutions for programmers and nonprogrammers alike. These modules operate under Microsoft Windows® XP (32-bit only) and VISTA/7/8 (32-bit and 64-bit) operating systems.

A/D Converter Type:
ADS1256, 24-bit Sigma Delta
A/D Data Rates: 3750 S/s, 2000 S/s, 1000 S/s, 500 S/s, 100 S/s,
60 S/s, 50 S/s, 25 S/s, 10 S/s, 5 S/s, 2.5 S/s
Throughput (Software-Selectable
for Single Channel and Multiple Channels)
  Single Channel:
2.5 to 1102.94 S/s
  Multiple Channels: 0.16 to 1102.94 Hz
Number of Channels: Up to 16 channels individually software-selectable
as single ended (SE) or differential (DIFF); thermocouples require differential mode;
for each channel configured as differential, you lose one single-ended channel
Input Isolation: 500 Vdc min between field wiring and USB interface
Channel Configurations: Temperature sensor input,
software-selectable to match sensor type; voltage input
Input Voltage Range
  Thermocouple Mode:
  Voltage Mode (Software-Selectable):
  ±10V, ±5V, ±2.5V, ±1.25V, ±0.625V,
  ±0.3125V, ±0.15625V, ±0.078125V
Absolute Maximum Input Voltage
  CxH-CxL Relative to GND:

  ±22V max (power on), ±10V max (power off)
Input Impedance: 10 MΩ (power on), 390 Ω (power off)
Input Leakage Current: ±20 nA
Input Voltage: >±22V (power on/off): ±1µ A max
Input Capacitance: 590 pf
Maximum Working Voltage (Signal + Common Mode)
  Voltage Mode:
±10.25V max
Common Mode Rejection Ratio
  Thermocouple Mode (fIN = 60 Hz):
110 dB
  Voltage Mode (fIN = 60 Hz, All Input Ranges): 90 dB
ADC Resolution: 24-bits
Crosstalk: Adjacent channels, 100 dB
Input Coupling: DC
Channel Gain Queue: Up to 64 elements, software-selectable channel and range
Warm-Up Time: 45 minutes min
Open Thermocouple Detect: Software-selectable for each channel
CJC Sensor Accuracy
  15 to 35°C: ±0.5°C typ
  0 to 55°C: ±1.0°C max

THROUGHPUT RATE The maximum throughput of an OMB-DAQ-2408 module is 1.1 kS/s aggregate.
The OMB-DAQ-2408 provides the ability to set conversion rates on a per-channel basis. This feature gives the user flexibility and control over noise averaging for each channel.

Digital to Analog Converter:
Number of Channels: 2
Resolution: 16-bits
Output Ranges
  Calibrated: ±10 V
  Uncalibrated: ±10.05V, software-selectable
Output Transient
Host computer is reset, powered on, suspended or a reset command is issued to device
  Duration: 2 s
  Amplitude: 2V p-p
Initial Power On
  Duration: 50 ms
  Amplitude: 5V peak
Differential Non Linearity: ±0.25 LSB typ, ±1 LSB max
Output Current: AOUTx pins, ±5.0 mA max
Power On and Reset State: DACs cleared to zero-scale, 0V, ±50 mV
Settling Time: To rated accuracy, 10V step, 75 µs
Slew Rate: 1.0 V/µ
  Single-Channel: 1000 S/s max, system-dependent
   Multi-Channel: 1000 S/s /#ch max, system-dependent
Calibrated Absolute Accuracy
  Range: ±10V
  Accuracy (±LSB): 16.0

Number of I/O: 8 channels
Configuration: Each DIO bit can be independently read from (DIN) or written to (DOUT).
DIN bits can be read at any time whether the DOUT is active or tri-stated.
Input Voltage Range: 0 to 15V
Input Type: CMOS (Schmitt trigger)
Input Characteristics: 47 kΩ pull-up/pull-down resistor, 28 Ω series resistor
Maximum Input Voltage Range: 0 to 20V max (power on/off, relative to DGND)
Pull-Up/Pull-Down Configuration: All pins pulled up to 5V through individual 47 kΩ resistors
(the J6 shorting block default position is pins 1 and 2) Pull-down capability is available by
placing the J6 shorting block across pins 2 and 3
Transfer Rate (Software Paced): 500 port reads or single bit reads per second typ
Input High Voltage: 1.3 to 2.2V
Input Low Voltage: 1.5 to 0.6V
Schmitt Trigger Hysteresis: 0.4V to 1.2

Number of I/O:
8 channels
Configuration: Each DIO bit can be independently read from (DIN) or written to (DOUT).
DIN bits can be read at any time whether the DOUT is active or tri-stated.
Output Characteristics: 47 kΩ pull-up, open drain (DMOS transistor)
internally connected to DGND
Pull-Up Configuration: All pins pulled up to 5V through individual 47 kΩ resistors
(the J6 shorting block default position is pins 1 and 2).
Transfer Rate (Software Paced)
Digital Output:
500 port writes or single bit writes per second typ
Output Voltage Range: 0 to 5V (no external pull up resistor,
internal 47 kΩ pull-up resistors connected to 5V by default); 0 to 15V max
Drain to Source Breakdown Voltage: 50V min
Off State Leakage Current: 1.0 µA
Sink Current Capability: 150 mA max (continuous)
per output pin 150 mA max (continuous) for all eight channels
DMOS Transistor On-Resistance (Drain to Source): 4 Ω

Pin Names:
Number of Channels: 2 channels
Resolution: 32-bits
Counter Type: Event counter
Input Type: Schmitt trigger, rising edge triggered
Input Source: CTR0 (pin 44), CTR1 (pin 42)
Counter Read/Writes Rates (Software Paced)
  Counter Read: System dependent, 500 reads per second.
  Counter Write: System dependent, 500 writes per second.
Input Characteristics: Each CTRx input pin has 562 kΩ resistor
pulled up to 5V and a 10 kΩ series resistor
Input Voltage Range: ±15V max
Maximum Input Voltage Range:
CTR0, CTR1 relative to GND and DGND, ±20V max (power on/off)
Input High Voltage: 1.3 to 2.2V
Input Low Voltage: 1.5 to 0.6V
Schmitt Trigger Hysteresis: 0.4 to 1.2V
Input Bandwidth (-3 dB): 1 MHz
Input Capacitance: 25 pf
Input Leakage Current: ±120 nA @5V, ±1.6 mA @±15V
Input Frequency: 1 MHz, max
High Pulse Width: 500 ns, min
Low Pulse Width: 500 ns, min

4096 bytes isolated micro reserved for sensor configuration,
256 bytes USB micro for external application use

One high-performance 8-bit RISC microcontroller with USB interface (non-isolated);
one high-performance 16-bit RISC microcontroller for measurements (isolated)

Supply Current:
Quiescent current, 275 mA (includes up to 10 mA for the status LED;
does not include any potential loading of the digital I/O bits,
5V user terminal or the AOUTx outputs).
5V User Output Voltage Range: Available at terminal block pin 40, 4.75 to 5.25V
5V User Output Current: Available at terminal block pin 40, 10 mA max
Isolation: Measurement system to PC, 500 Vdc min

USB Device Type:
USB 2.0 (full-speed)
USB Cable Length: 3 m (9.8') max

Operating Temperature Range:
0 to 50°C (32 to 12°F)
Storage Temperature Range: -40 to 85°C (40 to 185°F)
Humidity: 0 to 90% RH non-condensing

127 L × 89.9 W × 35.6 mm D
(5.00 × 3.53 × 1.40")
Weight: 160 g (5.6 oz)


Connector Type: Fixed screw terminal
Wire Gauge Range: 16 to 30 AWG
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Availability: In Stock
24-bit, isolated, 16 SE/8 DIFF temperature and voltage USB data acquisition module, 8 digital I/O; 2 counters
Availability: 1 week
24-bit, isolated, 16 SE/8 DIFF temperature and voltage USB data acquisition module, 8 digital I/O; 2 counters, 2 analog outputs
Availability: 2 weeks
TracerDAQ Pro software
Availability: 2 weeks
DASYLab software
All amounts shown in EUR
Note: Comes complete with a 2 m (6') USB cable, Quick Start Guide, TracerDAQ software and operator’s manual on CD.
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