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Temperature Isolation Coil for G¼ & ¼ NPT Pressure Sensors


Pressure Sensor Cooling Coil | PXM-COIL

Pressure Sensor Cooling Coil

173,41 PXM-COIL

  • Reduces the temperature of the media before contact with the pressure sensor
  • For use with gas or steam up to 200°C or liquids to 150°C
  • For pressure ranges up to 400 Bar
  • Stainless steel SS316
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The PXM-COIL is designed to extend the working temperature range of Omega pressure sensors with G¼ male (¼" BSPP) process connections. The PXM-COIL has a G¼ male connection to the process and a G¼ (¼"BSPP) female connection for the pressure sensor to be screwed into.

The PX-COIL is also designed to reduce the temperature of the media being measured, allowing lower cost Omega pressure sensors with ¼-18 NPT male thread process connections to be used in applications where higher specification pressure sensors have previously been used. The PX-COIL has a ¼ male connection to the process and a ¼-18 NPT female connection for the pressure sensor.

The cooling coil allows standard transducers to work with higher temperature media, typically 200°C for steam or gas and 150°C for liquids. The all stainless steel construction maintains chemical compatibility with many fluids and gases.
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Availability: 5 weeks
Cooling coil for G¼ & ¼"BSPP pressure sensors
Availability: 1 week
Stainless steel/Nitrile bonded seal washer ¼"
Availability: 12 weeks
Cooling coil for ¼ NPT pressure sensors. (¼ NPT female for pressure sensor and ¼ NPT male for process)
All amounts shown in EUR
Note: Maximum Pressure 400 bar
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