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High Precision Calibrator, 6 Digit .002%, Programmable via RS232 or IEEE488

CL8300 Series

High Precision Calibrator | CL8300 Series

High Precision Calibrator

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1 year warranty CE
  • Fully Programmable Via RS-232 and IEEE-488
  • ac Power or Rechargeable Battery
  • Benchtop Units Can Be Easily Rack Mounted
  • High Precision: 0.002%, 6 Digits
  • Traceable to International Standards
  • Storage of 200 Calibration Values in Memory
  • Easily Integrated into a Rack Mount System


The CL8300 Series is no longer available. Please see the CL560 Series as a potential substitute, or contact our sales/engineering department.

The CL8300 represents a major advance in calibration standards because of its high precision, compact design and ease of use. The CL8300 series is a dc voltage and current source that supplies voltages from 100 nV to 110 Vdc and currents from 1 nA dc to 110 mA dc with 0.002% (20 ppm) accuracy. The CL8300 has been ergonomically designed for the user with such features as simple, fast readout of values and functions on the 11-digit backlit display, 200 predetermined calibration values in memory, and automatic calibration.

This lightweight, portable calibrator can give laboratory precision in the field or in the workshop. The unit is remotely programmable using either RS-232C (standard) or IEEE-488 (optional) digital interface, and is easily integrated into a rack system, allowing it to be used in bench test sets. The exceptional precision, stability and extended range of the CL8300 permit its use in a wide variety of applications, including use as a dc voltage and current standard for calibration or testing of voltmeters or ammeters up to 200,000 counts; simulation of sensors as µV, mV or mA sources to calibrate controllers, transmitters, recorders and other instruments in process control; or as an ultra-stable, programmable, high precision power supply.

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CL8301 Star
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Calibrator with RS-232C
CL8302 Star
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Calibrator with RS-232C, rechargeable battery and charger
CL8303 Star
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Calibrator with IEEE-488
CL8304 Star
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Calibrator with IEEE-488, rechargeable battery and charger
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Software program
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Note: Comes with complete operator’s manual and power cord