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TFT Colour Panel Meter


Graphical panel meter | OM-SGD-SERIES

Graphical panel meter

137,56 OM-SGD-24-M

1 year warranty CE
  • Colour TFT Display—Choice of Three Screen Sizes
  • Software Configurable via USB—Multiple Display Configurations Included to Begin Programming
  • Panel Mount
  • Voltage or Current Input Models
  • Two IP67 Splash-proof (-IP) Models
  • Wide Operating Power Supply Voltage Range: 4 to 30 Vdc
  • Two Alarm Outputs


The OM-SGD Series is a family of panel meters with smart graphics display. Using the simple wizard based configuration software you can select from any of over 40 standard display configurations to start with. Users can then customize colors, text labels, input scaling and units before uploading the selected display configuration to the meter via USB interface to the PC. The configuration software is compatible with Windows® XP (SP3), Vista, 7 and 8 and can be downloaded free online at OMEGA.

Each of the three display sizes 61, 71, 89 mm (2.4", 2.8", 3.5") is available as either a dual voltage input model or 4 to 20 mA input model. Waterproof NEMA 6 (IP67) rated versions of the 2.4" display are also available. A thermocouple add-on board is available for use with the six standard meters. The thermocouple add-on board is not compatible with the waterproof versions (OM-SGD-24-M-IP, OM-SGD-24-M-IP420). This will measure temperature via any Type J, K or T thermocouple.

Voltage Input (OM-SGD-24-M, OM-SGD-24-M-IP, OM-SGD-28-M, OM-SGD-35-M):
Accepts 2 voltage inputs, each channel can be programmed independently from 8 available ranges; voltage inputs are single-ended (power supply V+, Input 1 and Input 2 share a common ground)
Current Input (OM-SGD-24-M-420, OM-SGD-24-M-IP420, OM-SGD-28-M-420, OM-SGD-35-M-420): 4 to 20 mA typical, 0 mA min, 50 mA max
Loop Voltage Drop (Current Input Models): 0.4 to 2.0V typical, 0V min, 5.0V max
Input Connection: Screw terminals for all models except waterproof models OM-SGD-24-M-IP and OM-SGD-24-M-IP420 which have NEMA 6 (IP67) 12-way connection
Alarm Outputs: 2 open-collector outputs (sink up to 10 mA max each)
Accuracy: 0.05% typical, 0.1% max
Linearity: ±1 count max (depends on user calibration settings)
Sample Rate: 3 samples/sec max
Display: Color TFT, 320 x 240 pixel, 16-bit color
Software: Windows® XP/Vista/7/8
Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)
 OM-SGD-24-M, OM-SGD-24-M-420:
96 g (3.4 oz)
 OM-SGD-24-M-IP, OM-SGD-24-M-IP420: 255 g (9.0 oz)
 OM-SGD-28-M, OM-SGD-28-M-420: 114 g (4.0 oz)
 OM-SGD-35-M, OM-SGD-35-M-420: 162 g (5.7 oz)
 Supply Voltage:
4 to 30 Vdc (from external power supply or via USB connection, compatible with USB 1.0 and 2.0)
 Supply Current (Voltage Dependent): 35 to 190 mA for all models except OM-SGD-35-M which is 50 to 300 mA

Place Order(Specify Model Number)
Part Number/Desc.
Voltage Input (2 inputs)
Availability: 10 weeks
2.4" smart graphics process meter
Availability: 6 weeks
2.4" waterproof smart graphics process meter
Availability: 1 week
2.8" smart graphics process meter
Availability: 10 weeks
3.5" smart graphics process meter
Current Input (1 input)
Availability: 1 week
2.4" smart graphics process meter
Availability: 1 week
2.4" waterproof smart graphics process meter
Availability: 6 weeks
2.8" smart graphics process meter
Availability: 1 week
3.5" smart graphics process meter
Availability: 1 week
Thermocouple input module (for use with all models except waterproof models OM-SGD-24-M-IP and OM-SGD-24-M-IP420)
Availability: 1 week
Right angle waterproof connector cable for OM-SGD-24-M-IP and OM-SGD-24-M-IP420, 2 m length
Availability: 1 week
45 cm USB cable, type A to mini B
All amounts shown in EUR
Note: Comes complete with quick start manual. Waterproof models OM-SGD-24-M-IP and OM-SGD-24-M-IP420 include 32 mm mounting nut and IP67 connector. All other models include panel mounting clip. USB interface cable is required for programming and is sold separately.

Product Manuals:

Download Smart Graphics Display
Download Current Loop Indicator Smart Graphics Display
Download Smart Graphics Display
Download Current Loop Indicator Smart Graphics Display
Download Smart Graphics Display
Download Current Loop Indicator Smart Graphics Display
Download Waterproof Smart Graphics Display
Download TC Signal Conditioning Module for OM-SGD Series
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