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Precision Strain Gauges
Extra-Long Grid Pattern for Inhomogeneous Materials


Strain Gauges for Inhomogeneous Materials | SGD-30/120-LY40

Strain Gauges for Inhomogeneous Materials

200,94 SGD-30/120-LY40

  • Strain gauges coveniently Priced per Pack of 5
  • Linear Gauges with Grid Length up to 150 mm
  • Very Flexible, Mechanically Strong
  • Broad Temperature Range
  • Solder Pad Termination
  • Clear Alignment Marks
  • For Use With Hot or Cold cure Adhesives
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Click on this link if you need more information about Strain Gauge.

Strain gauges with an extra-long grid patterns for measuring strain in inhomogeneous materials(i.e. Concrete, filled plastics, etc)

Service Temperature from -75 to 200°C
Maximum Strain: 3% or 30,000 micro strain

For examples of actual strain gauge applications please see our Guide to strain gauge installations

For more in-depth application details and formulae see our guide on How to position strain gauges to monitor bending, axial, shear and torsional loads

We also have General information on strain gauge installation

If the delivery time shows 6 weeks or more, please call our Sales team, as most times we can ship in 2 WEEKS.

Place Order(Specify Model Number)
Part Number/Desc.
Strain gauges, PRICE PER PKG OF 5
Availability: In Stock
25 mm Grid, 120 ohms ( PKG OF 5)
Availability: 5 weeks
30mm Grid, 120 ohms ( PKG OF 5)
Availability: 5 weeks
30 mm Grid, 350 ohms (PKG OF 5)
Availability: 1 week
50 mm Grid, 120 ohms (PKG OF 5)
Availability: 5 weeks
150 mm Grid, 240 ohms (PKG OF 5)
All amounts shown in EUR
Note: Supplied in packs of 5
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