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Modular Weather Station


1 year warranty RoHS
Modular Weather Station
WMS-16 : Modular Weather Station

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EUR 1.960,00  WMS-16
Durable Modular Design
Wind Speed and Direction
Air Temperature and Relative Humidity
Barometric Pressure and Precipitation
Datalogging Ability
Tripod, Mast & Solar Radiation Shield

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The OMEGA® WMS-16 Modular Weather Station is a computerbased meteorological system designed as a “user friendly” solution for data storage and real-time monitoring of weather conditions. The standard package includes: wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, relative humidity for temp/humidity, barometric pressure, precipitation, data logging, tripod and mast, solar radiation shield, cables and mounts. Additional sensor options include solar radiation, water or soil temperature, auxiliary air temperature, or rain gauge upgrade.

The unique modular system design provides plug-and-play functionality for adding or replacing sensors. The WMS-16 is supplied with an attractive desktop data acquisition module with a memory capacity of 128KB RAM (approximately 45 days at 15 minute intervals with 6 sensors). The WMS-16D data acquisition module includes selectable averaging intervals, 12-bit analog conversion, 0.1% F.S. accuracy, 2 alarm outputs, and optional modem communications. The standard system includes a 120 Vac power adaptor and RS232 serial port for connection to a personal computer. For outdoor or remote applications, a NEMA 4X enclosure and rechargeable battery option is offered.

The optional software package provides a real-time text display, as well as a real-time graphical display, or an ASCII row and column format may be selected. In addition, the data acquisition module is compatible with Windows HyperTerminal software and other terminal programs.

The WMS-16 complete modular weather station includes the following:
WMS-16D desktop data acquisition module
WMS-16P 115 Vac power supply
WMS-16-2E wind speed/direction sensor with 40 ft cable
WMS-16TH outdoor temperature/RH sensor with 40 ft cable
WMS-16THS solar radiation shield for the WMS-16TH
WMS-16BP barometric pressure sensor with 18 in cable
WMS-16RC rain gauge with mounting arm and 40 ft cable
WMS-16TM 1.5 m (5 ft) tripod and 1.5 m (5 ft) sensor mast

Data Acquisition Module
Reporting units: English or metric, all measurements
Operating power: 10 to 16 Vdc
Power consumption: 60 mA max
Serial port: 9-pin d-sub connector, selectable baud rate, flow control
Memory: 128 KB RAM, non-volatile (45 days at 15 minute intervals with 6 sensors)

Operating Temperature
Transducers: -40 to 60°C (-40 to 140°F)
Data acquisition module: -40 to 60°C (-40 to 140°F)
Timekeeping Format: MM/DD and HH:MM
Accuracy: ±30 seconds/month

Barometric Pressure
Range: 28.25 to 30.75 inches Hg
Measurement span: 2.50 inches Hg (85 hpa)
Resolution: ±0.01 inch Hg or ±0.3 hpa
Altitude offset: 0 to 10,000 feet, screwdriver adjustable
Absolute Accuracy: 0.05 inches Hg

Wind Speed
Range: 0 to 125 mph (0-57 m/s)
Resolution: >0.1 mph
Accuracy: ±3% for sustained 2 second average
Starting threshold: 0.8 mph
Time constant: 2 seconds

Wind Direction
Range: 0-360°
Resolution: >1%
Accuracy: ±3%
Starting threshold:
    WMS-16-2E: 1.2 mph
    WMS-16-5E: 0.5 mph

Range: -40 to 60°C (-40 to 140°F)
Resolution: >0.1° F
Accuracy: ±1°F

Relative Humidity
Range: 0 to 100% RH
Accuracy: ±3% midscale, ±6% @ 20% & 90% RH
Rain Gauge
Resolution: 0.01"/tip
Accuracy: ±2% up to 3"/hour
Max rate: Unlimited

Solar Radiation (Optional)
Sensor: Photodiode detector
Spectral Response: 0.4 to 1.1 microns
Sensitivity: 100 mV/1000 w/m² approx
Accuracy: ±5%

To Order (Specify Model Number)    
     Part Number     Availability   Price   Description   RoHS   Qty   
 WMS-16EPA   5 weeks   EUR 2.040,00    Modular weather station; includes the following: WMS-16D, WMS-16P, WMS-16-5E (high sensitivity wind sensor), WMS-16TH, WMS-16THS, WMS-16BP, WMS-16RC and WMS-16TM RoHS compliant  
 WMS-18   5 weeks   EUR 1.965,00    Portable weather station in carrying case; includes wind speed, direction and temperature sensors, 128k RAM data logger, 7 AH battery, 110 Vac charger RoHS compliant  
 WMS-16SR   5 weeks   EUR 525,00    solar radiation sensor, with mounting arm and 40 ft cable RoHS compliant  
 WMS-16T   5 weeks   EUR 78,00    Auxiliary Air Temperature Sensor, 40' cable RoHS compliant  
 WMS-16TM   5 weeks   EUR 103,00    1.5 m (5') tripod and 1.5 m (5') sensor mast [2.4 m (8') total] RoHS compliant  
 WMS-16T   5 weeks   EUR 78,00    Auxiliary Air Temperature Sensor, 40' cable * RoHS compliant  
 WMS-16TWS   5 weeks   EUR 95,00    Water or soil temperature sensor, 40' cable RoHS compliant  
 WMS-16PE   5 weeks   EUR 33,00    220 Vac power supply RoHS compliant  
 WMS-16MAC   5 weeks   EUR 193,00    Telephone modem, ac powered RoHS compliant  
 WMS-16MDC   5 weeks   EUR 378,00    Telephone modem, dc powered RoHS compliant  
 WMS-16STR   5 weeks   EUR 285,00    Windows graphical software package RoHS compliant  
 WMS-16N-A   5 weeks   EUR 1.630,00    Data acquisition module in NEMA 4X enclosure with solar powered charger and 7AH battery RoHS compliancy undetermined  
 WMS-16N-B   5 weeks   EUR 1.300,00    Data acquisition module in NEMA 4X enclosure with 110 - 220 Vac charger and 7AH battery RoHS compliancy undetermined  
 WMS-16D   5 weeks   EUR 815,00    Data acquisition module, desktop enclosure, with serial cable RoHS compliant  
 WMS-16P   5 weeks   EUR 37,00    115 Vac power supply RoHS compliant  
 WMS-16TH   1 week   EUR 285,00    Outdoor temperature and RH sensor, 40' cable RoHS compliant  
 WMS-16THS   1 week   EUR 103,00    Solar radiation shielf for temperature/RH sensor RoHS compliant  
 WMS-16BP   5 weeks   EUR 221,00    Barometric pressure sensor with 18" cable RoHS compliant  
 WMS-16RC   5 weeks   EUR 136,00    Rain gauge, with mounting arm and 40' cable RoHS compliant  
 WMS-16TM   5 weeks   EUR 103,00    1.5 m (5') tripod and 1.5 m (5') sensor mast RoHS compliant  
 WMS-16-2E   5 weeks   EUR 237,00    Wind speed/direction sensor, with 40' cable (for WMS-16) RoHS compliant  
 WMS-16-5E   5 weeks   EUR 314,00    High sensitivity wind sensor, with 40' cable (for WMS-16EPA) RoHS compliant  
* Note: Standard length for all cables between base unit and sensors are 40 feet. To order items with longer cable length add a suffix "–Xft" where X is length in feet, and add $1 per cable per foot per sensor.

Ordering Example:
(1) WMS-16 Modular Weather Station @ EUR 1.960,00 =
(1 x 1.960,00) = EUR 1.960,00

 Product Manual
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   Adobe Download WMS-16STR - Optional Win Graphical Software Display Manual
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