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Turbine Flowmeters with Local Digital Display

FTB790 Series

Turbine Flowmeters with Display | FTB790 Series

Turbine Flowmeters with Display

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1 year warranty CE
  • Turbine Flowmeters with Both Rate and Total Indication
  • Display models have selectable units of Litres, US Gallons or 15-point user curve
  • 6-Digit Display
  • Signal Output Capabilities
  • Battery Operated


FTB790 Series Intrinsically Safe Turbine Meters with microprocessor-based electronics offers a durable, compact, high-precision fluid measurement device, with total and rate indication. Information is clearly displayed on a large 6-digit liquid crystal display with only 2-point floating decimal for totals from 0.01 to 999,999. All operations are easily performed with only 2 buttons.

The basic unit and display are powered by 2 AAA Alkaline batteries, providing up to 2 years of use. Cumulative total, batch total, and rate of flow are standard. A single-point field calibration curve can be stored in memory.

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Part Number/Desc.
Turbine Flowmeters with Local Digital Display
Availability: 1 week
1/2" FNPT, Turbine Flow Meter, 1-10 GPM, LCD
Availability: 1 week
3/4" FNPT, Turbine Flow Meter, 2-20 GPM, LCD
Availability: 1 week
1" FNPT, Turbine Flow Meter, 5-50 GPM, LCD
Availability: 13 weeks
1 1/2" FNPT, Turbine Flow Meter, 10-100 GPM, LCD
Availability: 1 week
2" FNPT, Turbine Flow Meter, 20-200 GPM, LCD
All amounts shown in EUR

Product Manuals:

Download Turbine Flowmeters
Download FTB790 - FTB790 Series Turbine, Totalizer, Rate Meter
Download FTB790-RK - Remote Kit for FTB790 Series
Download FTB790-RK-FM - Remote Kit for FM approved units
Download FLSC790-MA - 4-20ma Module for FTB790 Series
Download FLSC790-ND-P - Puls Module for no display units
Download FLSC790-P - Pulse Module for FTB790 Series
Download FLSC790-P-DC - Pulse Module for DC Units
Download FTB790_Manual
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