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Dual Sensor Level Controller


LVCN130 Series Dual Level Controller | LVCN-130

LVCN130 Series Dual Level Controller

298,00 LVCN-130-CE

1 year warranty RoHS
  • Latched 10 Amp SPDT Relay
  • Controls Pumps, Valves, and Actuators
  • Selectable Latch On or Off Relay
  • Designed for Panel Installation on EN 50 022 Standard 35 mm DIN Rail
  • Automatic Tank Fill or Empty Operation
  • Selectable Normally Open or Normally Closed Relay States
  • 0 to 60 Second Time Delay Dampens Relay Chatter
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The LVCN-130 dual sensor controller accepts two sensor inputs for automatic filling and emptying operations. The latched 10 amp relay provides the control interface with pumps and valves. The controller has a time delay feature dampening out relay chatter. Other features include selectable normally open or normally closed relay states and latch on or off relay conditions. The controller is designed for installation on EN 50 022 standard 35 mm DIN Rail or it can be panel mounted.
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Dual sensor controllers
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35mm DIN Rail, 2 metre length
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