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Custom Level Switch Starter Kit


Custom Level Switch Starter Kit | LVK-120,LVK-121

Custom Level Switch Starter Kit

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  • OMEGA ® Starter Kit is Expandable Up to 6 Level Stations
  • Customized for Individual Applications
  • Features a Normally Open or Normally Closed SPST 20 VA Switch
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To determine fluid specific gravity, add 0.1 to float specific gravity clean liquids and 0.3 to float in specific gravity in dirty or viscous liquids. The LVK-120 Series OMEGA Starter Kit can be assembled and installed vertically in your tank in minutes. Each kit contains all the components for complete assembly of a 1 or 2 station level switch for pipe-plug mounting. Additional level stations may be added. (See accessories).


Temperature Range: LVK-120: 10 to 82°C (34 to 180°F) in water, 0 to 106°C (0 to 225°F) in oil;
LVK-121: 0 to 148.9°C (0 to 300°F)
Pressure Rating: 150 PSI for LVK-120 or 500 PSI for LVK-121
Mounting: 2" NPT Tube/Fitting Size: 12.7 mm ( 1 /2 ") O.D. tube
Mounting Attitude: Vertical up to 30°
Lead Wire: 152.4 mm (60"), 20 AWG PTFE Insulated
Max. Assembly Length: 76.2 cm (30"), approx.
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1/2 " O.D. Tubing, 12" Length, Brass
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Note: Each Kit Includes: 1 Mounting Plug, 2 Switch/Float Assembly, 2 12" Extension Tubes, 1 Tube End Fitting, 3 Tube Unions, 1 Tube Connector