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Portable Digital Dissolved Oxygen Temperature Meters


Portable Digital Dissolved Oxygen Temperature Meters  | PHDG80A

Portable Digital Dissolved Oxygen Temperature Meters

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  • Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen and RTD Sensors
  • Cathode Design Minimizes Oxygen Consumption for Stable Response
  • Integral Benchtop Stand
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The PHDG-80A combines a polargraphic dissolved oxygen sensor with an integral RTD for dissolved oxygen and temperature measurement in the laboratory, plant or field. The unit contains a small cathode which consumes only a minimal amount of oxygen, thus reducing the need for sample stirring and providing a more stable response. A standby switch stabilizes the probe prior to use while economizing the battery power normally required for the display.
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Dissolved oxygen meter, 0.00-19.99 ppm O 2 , 0-199.9°C
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1 m (3') extension cable
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PHDG-80 replacement membrane kit
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Replacement probe for PHDG-80A
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Note: Each unit is supplied with sensor, screwdriver, vinyl carrying case, battery and operator’s manual.
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