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Thermocouple Welder


Thermocouple Welder - order online | Model TL-WELD

Thermocouple Welder - order online

2.347,03 TL-WELD

1 year warranty CE
  • Thermocouple welder designed for Production of Commercial Grade Thermocouple Junctions
  • No Special Skills Needed to Operate
  • Weld Wires up to 1.1mm Diameter
  • Standard Accessories
  • Wire Holding Pliers and Lead
  • Safety Glasses
  • Magnifying Eyeglass
  • Carbon Electrodes
  • Spare 2A Fuse
  • Argon Hose
  • Power Lead
  • Footswitch for Greater Ease of Use
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The Thermocouple welder TL-WELD is designed for sensor manufacturers for the production of commercial grade thermocouple junctions, and for users of large numbers of exposed junction thermocouples such as test and development laboratories where multipoint temperature sensing of test pieces is required. No special skills are needed and most people will be capable of producing quality work with minimal practice.

The instrument can be operated via the front panel or by using the foot-switch provided. In addition to thermocouple work, the TL-WELD welder is used in many other applications involving the joining of wires to each other and to metal surfaces. This model is suitable for welding wires up to 1.1 mm diameter and has an argon gas shield facility. A satisfactory thermocouple junction is produced without using argon, but where argon is available a momentary purge is automatically triggered immediately prior to the weld to give optimum weld integrity.
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Availability: In Stock
Fine wire and thermocouple welder 120/240Vac Powered
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Availability: 8 weeks
Replacement carbon electrodes(pack of 5)
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Note: Each thermocouple welder is supplied complete with: Wire Holding Pliers and Lead, Safety Glasses, Magnifying Eyeglass, Carbon Electrodes, Spare 2A Fuse, Argon Hose, Mains Lead, Footswitch and Operating Instructions
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