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Calibrator Module, J, K, T Thermocouple, plugs into HH20 series indicators


Calibrator Module, J, K, T  Thermocouple, plugs into HH20 series indicators | HH20CAL

171,00 HH20CAL

3 year warranty RoHS
  • Inexpensive, Accurate Calibrations
  • Simulate J, K and T Thermocouples
  • Compatible with Wide Variety of Handhelds
  • Accurate to 0.3% of Reading
  • Up to 0.1° Resolution
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The HH20CAL is a compact device that plugs onto a handheld thermocouple thermometer, turning it into a high accuracy thermocouple simulator. Simply turn the vernier dial on the HH20CAL so that the handheld meter indicates the desired temperature; the user can then calibrate transmitters, panel meters, controllers, or other thermocouple instruments.

The HH20CAL can be used with a wide variety of OMEGA™ handheld indicators. The swing-out back support gives extra strength for top-mount units, and swings up to give clearance for front connector units. The male connector on the HH20CAL is fitted with a two-position slide and is compatible with both single and dual input thermometers.

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Handheld Thermocouple Indicator
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Note: The HH20CAL comes complete with 9 V battery and operator’s manual.
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