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Probe Handle For M12 Temperature Sensors


Probe Handle For M12 Temperature Sensors | M12-HANDLE-A

Probe Handle For M12 Temperature Sensors

27,00 M12-HANDLE-A

  • Easy Grip Design
  • Allow Quick Change or Replacement
  • High-Impact Nylon
  • Compatible with ¼", 6 mm and 1/8", 3 mm Diameter Probes
  • Maximum Handle Temperature 99°C (210°F)
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OMEGA’s heavy-duty M12 probe handle provides a fast, easily connected system of handheld probes for a broad range of applications. Sensing elements can be quickly changed or replaced in the field without tools. The M12 probe slides through the handle allowing the connector to be exposed at the end. Handles are compatible with TH-21A Series thermistors, PR-21A and PR-25AP Series RTDs and M12 Series thermocouples. Example: M12KIN-¼-U-12-A, see accessory chart. Thermocouple and RTD probes in 1/8", ¼", 3 mm and 6 mm sizes can slide through and connect to a cable. Cables can then be attached to a variety of portable or benchtop instruments.
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Availability: In Stock
Probe handle for 1/8', 3 mm M12 probe
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Availability: 5 weeks
Probe handle for ¼', 6 mm M12 probe
Temperature Sensors and Accessories
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Availability: 7 weeks
RTD Pt100, Class A, 6 mm diameter, 260 mm length probe
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Availability: 4 weeks
RTD Pt100, Class A, 1⁄4' diameter, 12' length probe
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Availability: 1 week
3 m (10') long RTD PVC 24 AWG stranded cable, M12 straight socket connector one end and stripped leads
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Availability: 1 week
Type K Thermocouple, ungrounded 1⁄4' diameter, 12' length probe
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Availability: 3 weeks
Type K Thermocouple, ungrounded 1⁄8' diameter, 12' length probe
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Availability: 1 week
Type K thermocouple cable, M12 straight female connector one end,
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Availability: In Stock
Type K thermocouple flat pin male connector
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Thermocouple single-input handheld meter
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Ordering Example:  (1) M12-HANDLE-B M12 handle, €27.00  plus (1) M12C-SIL-K-S-F-3 Type K thermocouple cable, M12 straight female connector one end,, €14.50  plus (1) M12KIN-1/4-U-12-A Type K Thermocouple, ungrounded 1/4'' diameter, 12'' length probe, €47.00  plus (1) SMPW-K-M Flat Pin Male Connector, €2.20, €27.00 + 14.50 + 47.00 + 2.20 = €90.70
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