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Small Surface Thermistor Sensors

OL-729 Series

Small Surface Thermistor Sensors | OL-729 Series

Small Surface Thermistor Sensors

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  • This Thermistor Sensor Includes Two Thermistor Elements That When Used With a Resistor Set Will Provide Linearized Resistance Output Over a Specific Temperature Range
  • Small Diameter Tip Provides Quick Response to Temperature Changes
  • Sensing End Consists of a Stainless Steel Disc with Epoxy Over Thermistor and Cable
  • Thin Profile Ribbon Cable From Tip Reduces Thermal Conduction Allowing for More Accurate Measurement of Small Places
  • Thin Ribbon Cable Transitions to 3 metres of PVC Insulated Cable with 1/4" Stereo Jack Plug
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Small Diameter Linearised Thermistor Sensor with 3 metres of PVC Cable and 1/4" Stereo Jack Plug
Optional Resistor Sets
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Availability: 15 weeks
Resistor Set (3200 Ohms and 6250 Ohms)
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Availability: 1 week
Resistor Set (5700 Ohms and 12000 Ohms)
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Availability: 13 weeks
Resistor Set (18700 Ohms and 35250 Ohms)
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Availability: 1 week
Resistor Set (5700 Ohms and 12400 Ohms)
All amounts shown in EUR
Note: The thermistor elements in these sensors have resistances of 6000 Ohms and 30,000 Ohms at 25°C. When combined with the Optional Resistor Sets shown above, they will provide a linearized output over a defined temperature range.