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Thermocouple Connector Standard Size Round Pin with Integral Cable Clamp

OSTW-CC Series

Thermocouple Connector Standard Size Round Pin with Integral Cable Clamp | OSTW-CC Series


  • Ultimate Thermocouple Connector
  • Integral Cap, Strain Relief and Cable Clamp
  • Combination Phillips/Slot Screws are Captive
  • Accepts: Stranded, Solid, TWSH, Overbraid,
  • or RSC Coiled Cable
  • Contact Washers for Quick Connect Wire Terminations
  • Universal Socket Accepts Standard or Mini Plugs
  • New Design , Quick and Easy Cable Clamp Assembly
  • IEC or ANSI Colour Codes
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Omega OSTW-CC thermocouple connectors are round pin standard size, 2-pole TC connectors designed to connect TC wire or temperature sensor instrumentation with a temperature controller or process control HMI automation panel. The socket is universal and will accept either mini or standard size plugs.
The standard plugs have hollow pins, made from thermocouple alloys. Solid pins are also available and can be ordered through the part number builder at the bottom of this page.

This Ultimate Thermocouple Connector design OSTW-CC is ideal for fast and easy connection of TC cable or thermocouple wire via a TC cable clamp assembly. The cap/clamp contains the 4 captive screws and eliminates the loose screws typical with a traditional metal thermocouple cable clamp. Included are a metal back plate clamp, strain relief and grommets.

To greatly reduce assembly time use part # OST-CC-TOOL assembly tool holding fixture with the OSTW-CC connector and integral cable clamp to connect TC wire or cable. This is a fast and reliable method to terminate TC wire to connectors.

Also available as mini flat pin thermocouple connectors

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Part Number/Desc.
Fast Assembly Tool for OST series
Quick Ship
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Availability: 1 week
Assembly tool holding fixture for OST series
Standard size, round-pin thermocouple connectors with integral cable clamp, strain relief, write-on window and grommets
Quick Ship
Availability: In Stock
Type K thermocouple socket
Quick Ship
Availability: In Stock
Type K thermocouple plug
Quick Ship
Availability: 1 week
Type T thermocouple socket
Quick Ship
Availability: 4 weeks
Type T thermocouple plug
Quick Ship
Availability: 1 week
Type E thermocouple socket
Quick Ship
Availability: In Stock
Type E thermocouple plug
Quick Ship
Availability: In Stock
Type J thermocouple socket
Quick Ship
Availability: In Stock
Type J thermocouple plug
Quick Ship
Availability: 1 week
Type U, uncompensated socket
Quick Ship
Availability: 1 week
Type U, uncompensated plug
Quick Ship
Availability: In Stock
Type N thermocouple socket
Quick Ship
Availability: 1 week
Type N thermocouple plug
All amounts shown in EUR
Note: To order thermocouple plugs with solid pins add suffix “-S” to the model number. See Part Number Builder below.

Part Number Builder

Build Your Part Number Below
Option Descriptions:

(1) Calibration select from:
KI for Type K IEC Green
K for Type K ANSI yellow
TI for Type T IEC brown
T for Type T ANSI blue
J for Type J black
NI for Type N IEC pink
N for Type N ANSI orange
E for Type E purple
C for Type C red
R/SI for Type R/S IEC orange
R/S for Type R/S ANSI green
U for Uncompensated white

(2) Connector Type select from:
M for Plug
F for Socket

(3) Connector Type select from:
Nothing(leave field blank) for Thermocouple plug with hollow pins
-S for Thermocouple plug with solid pins

(4) ROHS select from:
Nothing(leave field blank) for Non-ROHS

(5) Package QTY select from:
Nothing(leave field blank) for 1
-5 for 5
-50 for 50
-100 for 100
Note: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.