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Encapsulated RTD Sensors


Encapsulated RTD Sensors | RTD-809

Encapsulated RTD Sensors

95,00 RTD-809

  • Flat Disc Shape is Ideal for Surface Temperature Measurements
  • Bonds to Surfaces for Measuring Heat Loss or Operating Temperatures
  • High-Accuracy, 100 Ohm Class A DIN Platinum Element. 1m of PFA Insulated Cable and 3-Pin Mini Plug and Socket
  • Temperature Range: -60 to +230°C
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This flat "disc" encapsulated 100 ohm Class A DIN platinum RTD sensor is ideal for surface temperature measurements. The sensing disc is 11mm diameter and 3mm thick and can be cemented into place for permanent mounting or fixed using adhesive tape.

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Surface sensor with a stainless steel housing. 1m PFA insulated lead wire
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Omegabond 200 High Temperature Epoxy (260°C). 55 grams
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