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High Temperature Jack Panels for SHX Miniature Ceramic Connectors

SHXJP Series

High Temperature Jack Panels for SHX Miniature Ceramic Connectors | SHXJP Series

75,00 SHXJP1-06-J

  • For Service up to 537°C(1000°F)
  • Heavy Duty Steel Panel
  • Compenstated Hardware
  • Subminiature Connectors for Compact Installations
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OMEGA high temperature jack panels feature SHX series ceramic connectors mounted in a steel plate for service temperatures up to 1000°F(537°C). They are also available with unglazed connectors, type USHX, for applications where glazed connectors, would contaminate a vacuum system.

Per Rows
1 Row
(13/4" H)
2 Rows
(31/4" H)
3 Rows
(41/2" H)
4 Rows
(57/8" H)
(43/8" L)
SHXJP1-06-(*) SHXJP2-12-(*) SHXJP3-18-(*) SHXJP4-24-(*)
12(81/8" L) SHXJP1-12-(*) SHXJP2-24-(*) SHXJP3-36-(*) SHXJP4-48-(*)
18(117/8" L) SHXJP1-18-(*) SHXJP2-36-(*) SHXJP3-54-(*) SHXJP4-72-(*)
* Insert calibration code: J, K, T, E, R/S, N, U
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Part Number/Desc.
Examples of common part numbers are shown below. Use the Part Number Builder beneath this table to specify your exact configuration.
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Availability: 2 weeks
RoHS compliant
Jack panel with 12 type K connectors in 2 rows
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Availability: 2 weeks
RoHS compliant
Jack panel with 6 type J connectors in one row
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Availability: 2 weeks
RoHS compliant
Jack panel with 36 type T connectors in 3 rows
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RoHS compliant
Jack panel with 48 typeR/S connectors in 4 rows
All amounts shown in EUR

Part Number Builder

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Option Descriptions:

(1) Rows select from:
1 for 1 row
2 for 2 rows
3 for 3 rows
4 for 4 rows

(2) Total Number of Jacks select from:
06 for 6 jacks
12 for 12 jacks
18 for 18 jacks
24 for 24 jacks
36 for 36 jacks
54 for 54 jacks
72 for 72 jacks

(3) Thermocouple Calibration select from:
J for J type
K for K type
T for T type
E for E type
R/S for R or S type
N for N type
U for U type
Note: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.