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Dual Solid State Relays 25 and 40 Amp; Vdc Input/Vac Output

SSRLDUAL240 Series

Dual Solid State Relays  | SSRLDUAL240 Series

Dual Solid State Relays

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2 year warranty
  • Two 25 or 40 Amp SSR’s in One Standard Package
  • Opto-Isolated 2500 VRMS
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The OMEGA™ SSRLDUAL series solid-state relays are two totally independent ac output relays in a single standard panel mount package. They utilize OMEGA’s inverse-parallel SCR output design with integral dV/dt snubber circuity to provide protection against false triggering by limiting the rate of rise of most voltage transients to within acceptable limits. Zero Volt turn-on and zero current turn-off of the load being switched substantially reduces EMI and RFI.
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25 Amp dual SSR output
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40 Amp dual SSR output
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Note: Comes with complete operator’s manual.