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Omega's Most Popular Hand Held pH Meters
A selection of our best selling hand held digital pH indicators for accurate measurement of pH.

CDH-5021 CDH-5022 TDH-5031 PHH-5011 PHH-5012 ORP-5041 CDH-5021 CDH-5022 TDH-5031 PHH-5011 PHH-5012 ORP-5041
ORP, Conductivity, TDS and pH Testers
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Portable Temperature mV/pH Meters
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PHH-7000 Series PHH-7000 Series
Conductivity and pH meters
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PHH222 PHH222
Economical pH/mv or pH Meters
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PHH-37 PHH-37
Handheld pH Meter with RS232 Communications and Software
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Discontinued - mV/ORP/Conductivity/TDS/pH Meters with RS232 Output
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pH/ORP Meter with Real-Time Data Logger
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PHH-128 PHH-128
Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter
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