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Omega's Most Popular Load Cells
A selection of our best selling load cells. Styles to suit most applications.

LCM304 Series LCM304 Series
Button style compression load cell, 0-200 to 0-50,000 Newtons, 25 mm Dia. SS
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Miniature button style Load Cell; Rugged Industrial Design
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<b></b>LCM703 Series LCM703 Series
Universal link load cell, ±5 kgF to ±500 kgF
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LCM501 and LCM511 Series LCM501 and LCM511 Series
Cantilever beam load cells, ±50 kgF to ±10,000 kgF
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LCMWD Series LCMWD Series
Load Washers for Compression measurement
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LCM402 and LCM412 Series LCM402 and LCM412 Series
High accuracy low profile load cells, ±25 kgF to ±10,000 kgF
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