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Two-Colour Handheld Infrared Pyrometers


Two-Colour Handheld Infrared Pyrometers | OS3753

Two-Colour Handheld Infrared Pyrometers

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1 year warranty CE
  • Infrared handheld sensors with high functionality Available: Dual 2-Colour and Single Colour Wide Range, Single Colour/High Range, Single Colour/Mid-Range
  • InGaAs Element Used to Reduce Influence of Emissivity and Provide High Sensitivity and High Accuracy Measurement
  • Measured Value Is Digitally Displayed in the Viewfinder and on Front Panel
  • Target Size of 20 mm (0.8") Can be Measured at a Distance of 4 m (13')
  • By Connecting a K-Type Surface Thermocouple, You Can Measure Low Temperature Surfaces and Compensate for Emissivity
  • Small Size (148 W x 100 H x 70 mm D) and Weight (350 g) Make Long-Term Measurement Easy
  • 500 Readings Maximum Can Be Stored and Replayed
  • Maximum, Minimum and Average Value Maths Functions Available
  • Peak and Hold Readings
  • Software and Cable Included (Optional with OS3751 and OS3752)
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The infrared pyrometes of the OS3750 Series are a small, lightweight handheld thermometer with a clear viewfinder. The thru-the-lens optical system enables it to measure small targets from a long distance. The measured value can be read on the internal digital display in the viewfinder. Three models are available.

The OS3753 IR Pyrometer combines the functions of a 2-colour and single colour wide range pyrometer in one model. The OS3751 is a single-colour medium temperature range model, and the OS3752 is a single-colour high temperature range model.

The OS3750 Series can be mounted on a tripod or when there is no room for a tripod, on a fixed location by a universal head (sold separately).

OS3750-SOFT Datalogging Software Datalogging software is available for easy data processing by a personal computer (included with model OS3753). Three kinds of data management modes are available: real-time trend mode, multi-point monitoring mode by using memory, and 1-point historical trend mode. Graph display, report creation, printing, and data storage can be easily executed. The export of the measured data to worksheet applications is also possible.

Caution: This product and all in the series are not for use in medical evaluations.
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Single-colour medium temperature IR
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100-240 Vac power adapter
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Note: Each unit comes with wrist strap, two AA alkaline batteries and a complete operator’s manual. Model OS3753 also includes software and cable.